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2010-2011 Programs  ☆

Thursday evening, a group of us sat down to brainstorm some ideas for the coming year. A few of the thoughts that made our final list were: - the Avner Segall talk on Oct 5 - Terry Maltbia's presentation on Nov 17 - holding our first fall induction in several years: Nov 20 - turning …

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Talk by Professor Avner Segall 

In this talk, Dr. Avner Segall of Michigan State will present a paper in-progress that explores five social studies teachers' responses to When the Levees Broke, Spike Lee's four-hour documentary about Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. The paper concludes with implications for curriculum and for social studies teacher education more specifically. When: Tuesday, Oct 5, …

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Teachers: Stuck in the Middle  ☆

I think this cartoon says a lot. As educators, we often find ourselves pulled between poles. There are students and there are experts; there are parents and there are administrators. In Texas, there are academics and there are school boards. In New Jersey, there are union reps and there are politicians. And in all …

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Member meeting: 9/30 

What can KDP do for you? An excellent question! Join us in the New Res courtyard on September 30th to brainstorm some new KDP activities. We'll be there starting at 7pm--with food and drink--so bring some ideas. Here's a little primer to get you started: March 8, 2011: Founders Day Centennial. KDP turns 100, and we're …

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What KDP does  ☆

If you're wondering what kinds of activities KDP puts on, check out our newsletter from the spring semester. It was a busy term that included new officers, a new counselor, and an academic lecture. We also ran our first book drive, which raised nearly $2,500 for education relief efforts in Haiti.Spring 2010 Kappa newsletter

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