New PD Job Posted with Kappa Delta Pi ☆

| December 10, 2010

Kappa Delta Pi is looking for a new E-Chapter Webinar Coordinator!

What is the E-Chapter Webinar series?

The E-chapter Webinar series provides current, practical professional development Webinars to members across the US. Webinar events are between 60–90 minutes and involve an introduction, speaker or panel presentation, and closing. There are typically 2–4 Webinars scheduled each month. Currently, KDP uses GoToWebinar as the registration, content delivery, and evaluation tool for the Webinars.

Headquarters staff members recruit all e-Chapter speakers.

Key job responsibilities

The eChapter coordinator/moderator is responsible for the following:

  • Contact the presenter(s) for each Webinar to set up a time for training
  • Train e-chapter presenters on the use of the Webinar tool, get a copy of the presenter’s slide deck, and upload the presenter’s materials for attendees before the event.
  • Set up attendee registration form through Webinar tool for each event as soon as the presenter is identified and send link to registration to Publications Department.
  • Answer questions as needed from those who register.
  • Serve as the moderator for each Webinar – introduce session and presenter, assist with polling and surveying during Webinar, facilitate questions and answer between attendees and presenter, and close the session.
  • Troubleshoot any technical difficulties, presenter issues or attendee issues that may arise during the course of the Webinar.
  • Record the Webinar, archive it through Webinar tool, and work with Publications department to get it edited and connected with content delivery system.
  • Send out follow-up emails to participants and no-shows after the event, using Webinar tool system.
  • Provide KDP Headquarters with participant information reports within 24 hours after event. Review evaluations and pass on trends or summary to KDP staff members.
  • Send a copy of the speaker’s slides, links, and any supplementary materials to HQ for inclusion on the KDP Web site and e-chapter newsletter within 48 hours after the presentation, if necessary. Speaker should provide slides and supplementary materials to HQ prior to presentation.
  • Submit an end of the year evaluation summary of participation and trends with Webinars.

Time Required

The time required to coordinate an event typically involves about 2 hours the week before the event in setting up the registration system, training the presenter, and responding to member questions or concerns as needed. The week of the event would include approximately 2 hours the evening of the event—getting online about 20 minutes before the event by yourself, and with the presenters, to ensure that the tool is working properly, sitting in on the event itself through introduction/presentation/questions and then to close out the event.


  • Clear, confident speaking voice.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to multi-task.
  • Ability to facilitate a discussion.
  • Comfort level with Webinar hosting tools.
  • Knowledge of Power Point, Excel, and e-mail communication tools.
  • Access to computer with Internet access in the evenings and dedicated land telephone line during the Webinars.
  • Ability to work independently with little supervision.


Reports to Executive Director. Works closely with Director of Membership, Publications department staff, and Executive Assistant.

There is a stipend of $750 per semester (July–December and January–June) for all work related to the Webinars.

If you have questions, please contact Executive Director Faye Snodgress: